Adity A Sardar

  • 2012
  • Male
  • Child Number: HAC-B03/0118
  • Year of Admission: 2017
  • Class of Study: LKG
  • Name of the Centre: GOPAL NAGAR

Adity lives with his family in a semi mud house with very poor living conditions in the slum of Kolkata City. His father works as a daily wages labourer and earns very little to take care of his children. As a result of this Adity does not get enough food to eat and hence is ill most of the time. Due to a lack of awareness of the importance of education by his parents, and their poverty, he is often neglected. Adity’s living conditions are very poor due to inadequate housing and disease is rampant in this unclean and unhygienic slum.

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