Chandrama Majhi

  • 2013
  • Female
  • Child Number: HAC-B02-2139
  • Year of Admission: 2019
  • Class of Study: Grade 1

Chandrama Majhi is from a very poor family in a very remote village in Kalahandi district of Odisha. She is in Grade 1 in a village primary school. She likes to play with her friends every day. Her favorite game is skipping rope. She is also good in studies and active in extra curricular activities in school. She is loved by her teachers for being active in classes and helping his peers and would like to become a police officer in future.

Chandrama Majhi’s father depends on agriculture production for their daily living. Although her father does not own lands, he share crops with other farmers. Due to traditional farming methods the family is not able to get adequate production from the land and therefore their income is insufficient to feed Chandrama Majhi and her family. The circumstances in which she lives results in poor hygiene conditions. Her parents do not have clean drinking water or sanitation facilities at home and there is no electricity to her house. The road leading to the village is muddy and very difficult for travel during the monsoon.

Through our program, her father will be encouraged to join a village farmers group where he will be taught modern farming methods which will help the family manage their agricultural lands and get enough harvest from the field. She and her brother will be encouraged to join the child leadership team in the village where they will be taught about child rights and child leadership skills.

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