Kahnacharan Majhi

  • 2016
  • Male
  • Child Number: HAC-B02-2137
  • Year of Admission: 2019
  • Class of Study: Early childhood Centre

Kahnacharan Majhi is three years old and regularly attends an early childhood centre. He lives with his parents and sister in a small mud house in Kalahandi district. He mixes and talks with everyone and his favorite game is kabbadi and mud house making. He wants to become a police officer when he grows up.

Kahnacharan’s parents are very poor but hard working. They work their own small piece of land as well as that of others. The harvest they get from their land is insufficient to feed their children every day. His parents depend upon forest produce for getting some income to meet the family needs. His village has no electricity or clean drinking water so the children face health problems and fall sick often.

Through our program his parents will be involved in income generation programs and taught modern farming techniques. Also his parents will be provided with seeds, fertilizers, equipment for good farming practice to improve their income. He will be encouraged to be part of a child leadership group in the village where he will be taught character and leadership development.

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