Mahadeba Majhi

  • 2013
  • Male
  • Child Number: HAC-B02-2138
  • Year of Admission: 2019
  • Class of Study: Grade 1

Mahadeba Majhi belongs to a poor family. He is in Grade 1 in a village primary school and lives with his parents in a small mud house in Kalahandi district. He is very active and likes to play cricket with his friends. He also enjoys helping his mother to do house work and would like to become a teacher when he completes his studies.

Mahadeba Majhi’s parents are very poor. His father is a seasonal farmer who grows maize and rice both for food and for some income. He has a very small plot of land with inadequate production because of the traditional farming methods that he still uses. Due to this poor production their income is insufficient to feed Mahadeba Majhi and his family. The circumstancs of Mahadeba are not conducive to good hygiene, his parents do not have clean drinking water and sanitation facilities at home and there is no electricity connection to his house.

Through our program, his father will be encouraged to join a village farmers group where he will be assisted with seeds, fertilizers, agricultural equipment and also be trained in modern farming methods which will help improve production from their land and thus improve the family income. Mahadeba will be encouraged to be part of a child leadership team in the village where he will be taught character and leadership development. The family will also be taught child safety and protection issues including child marriage, abuse and child labour. His mother will be given health education and hygiene training to keep their house clean and tidy and stop the children from falling sick.

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