Nandita Naik

  • 2014
  • Female
  • Child Number: HAC-B02-2134
  • Year of Admission: 2019
  • Class of Study: Yr1

Nandita Naik is five years old and in Grade 1 in a village primary school. She lives with her parents and sister in Kalahandi district. She likes to fetch water with her mother, holding a small jar in her hands, and likes to take part in different activities at the centre too. She knows the names of her teachers.

Nandita’s parents live on a small income from daily labour and agricultural activities. Her parents have a small plot of land which does not produce much due to the poor quality of the land. They are unable to provide healthy meals for the children every day. It is very difficult for them to get to health facilities and also clean drinking water which causes the children to fall sick frequently.

Through our program, her parents will be encouraged to join a farmers group and get support from the program to improve their income. She and her sister will be encouraged to be part of a child leadership team in the village where they will be trained and equipped through character and leadership development program. They will also be trained in child safety and protection issues to protect them from child marriage, abuse and labour. Her mother will be trained in various child related programs to lead the family towards safety and progress.

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