Taniska Naik

  • 2015
  • Female
  • Child Number: HAC-B02-2140
  • Year of Admission: 2019
  • Class of Study: Early childhood Centre

Taniska Naik is a four years old girl and regularly attending early childhood centre in her village. She is living with her parents in a small mud house in Kalahandi district. She smiles all the time and spend her free time playing kabaddi with her friends. She is an active girl and her favorite subject is Odia. She wants to become a teacher in the future. Her favorite food is rice and fish.

Taniska’s parents have small piece of land where they farm rice and maize. The lands are not fertile and her parents follow the traditional style of farming resulting in poor production levels. The amount of produce is not enough to support the family so they work outside the village to get more income. They are unable to provide the children good and nutritional food and also study materials. Conditions in the village are not hygenic which causes many diseases and the parents are unable to afford to meet the health services.

Through our program, her parents will be taught modern farming methods to increase production and provided with seeds and equipment to support those modern methods. Taniska will be encouraged to join a child leadership team in the village where she will be taught about child rights and child leadership skills.

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