Help a Child commenced in Australia in the mid 1980’s. It grew out of an organisation in the Netherlands called ‘Red Een Kind’ (REK), literally translated as Help a Child, which has been operating since 1968.

The focus of both organisations was originally to support orphan children in developing countries, by placing them in homes which provided for their material and spiritual needs. This was financed through child sponsorship where people in developed countries were assigned a specific child, there was correspondence between the child and the sponsor, photographs were exchanged, an annual progress report provided to the sponsor, and the sponsor contributed a fixed amount per month towards supporting the child.

Today, Help A Child Australia is moving away from supporting children in full time residential care towards a model based on supporting children in community and day centres, where supported children will live with their families. In this way we are fulfilling the biblical mandate that parents are responsible for their children and that our role is to assist families to take care of their own children.

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