To Restore Humanity in Distress:

We believe in the integrity and worth of every human being, especially those oppressed by poverty and injustice, and it is our desire to see them achieve their full human potential.

To Follow the Example of Jesus Christ:

We are a Christian organisation and will seek to shape our activities after the love of Christ. Therefore we are committed to putting our work, rest and leisure to the service of Jesus Christ, of working in a broken world; and restoring children to their rightful place in society.

To Work Holistically:

We are committed to working with children in the context of their family and community, with concern for their economic, spiritual, emotional and social well-being. We seek to restore families to their place in society and enable parents to take responsibility for their children.

To Be Effective:

At all times we will seek and listen to feedback from our beneficiaries and partners, to ensure our activities are meeting their needs, and be willing to adjust our service delivery so that programs meet the real, identified needs of those living in poverty. We are committed to being transparent in all that we do.

To Act Responsibly:

Christ has entrusted us with the care and best interests of children in need. Therefore we will hold each other accountable as workers, partners and supporters to transfer words into action and implementation, for the benefit of children at risk, their families and communities.

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